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Founder & CEO


Steven is a nonprofit leader, an insightful strategist, a growth and transformation specialist, and a brand and marketing authority whose work is focused in social and racial justice, and human and planet health. As a strategic planning advisor, Steven helps organizations align purpose, vision, and brand to grow impact and deliver sustainable results. His for-profit expertise and nonprofit know-how empower his passion and commitment to protecting wild places and ensuring the health of and rights for people of all nationalities, color, culture, sexual orientation and religion.

As the leader of Price-Pottenger, Steven conducted a year-long listening tour to discover how America's first nutrition nonprofit could best serve its community. The result was a comprehensive new vision-mission-objectives-strategies-action plan designed to reawaken the foundation and to return it to a position of leadership. With the strong foundation of Price-Pottenger to support an audacious initiative, Steven launched and led Interdependence, a Price-Pottenger sponsored initiative with workshops held at conferences nationwide, to inspire disparate diet communities to cooperate and collaborate to advance the natural health agenda. 


Steven is the son of orphaned child-survivors of the Holocaust. His connection with his family's experience and his status as a son of immigrants propelled him into reconciliation work -- bonding families of victims with communities of former perpetrators to create safer and more connected societies for future generations. After a successful first-ever Butterfly Project (TBP) initiative in Germany in early 2019 (there are 40 to date), Steven, along with co-founder Nicole Nocon in Germany, launched generationE, an international education nonprofit whose mission is to inspire empathy, to counter growing anti-Semitism and fascism, and to connect and cultivate empathetic young upstanders internationally.  


As a business advisor, Steven empowers corporate and cultural leaders to build visionary brands that create enduring connectivity and sustainable revenue streams. Before launching Connectivity LLC, Steven served as Executive Director for Birch Aquarium at the world-renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Previously, as SVP/Chief Marketing Officer, he raised National Aquarium's reputation to the Number Two Aquarium in the U.S., and for 16-years led a destination-marketing, advertising and PR firm for hospitality clients throughout the US and Mexico. A digital technology innovator, Steven also co-founded a content aggregation/analytics start-up that provided software solutions to industry-leading online media, search and data security firms.  


When he’s not at his desk you can often find Steven on his road bike rolling up and down the coast or in the hills challenging his friends at sprint points. Typically, caffeinated coffee is involved. 

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